5 Emaze marketing presentations you don’t want to miss

As a businessman, you probably tired of reading a lot of articles about marketing. in this page, I gathered the most interactive and valuable Emaze presentations about marketing. some of them will help you to learn how to create a successful business presentation  – watch and learn !

Ancillary social content 

In this interactive presentation, you will learn how to create perfect ancillary social content  in order to build brand engagement, value and growth. you will learn the process of creating this type of content, content optimization, goals, content examples and more.


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The Ultimate Marketing Plan

Daniel Glickman, former CMO at Emaze covers all the elements you should take in count when you are creating a Marketing Plan including- CPA, CLTV, funnels and more.

In my opinion – this is how a presentation should look like In terms of design.

Theme: Marketing Strategy

Category: marketing


The great Social marketing of GoPro

GoPro known as a company who use social networks very wisely to promote its cameras. in this presentation, you will see the strategies and the tactics GoPro uses in social networks.  in the end of the presentation, the creator of it gives GoPro some recommendations.

Theme: Business Strategy

Category: Business

Type: 3D

Mobile marketing- Don’t Get Stuck in the Past

This presentation shows you more than just amazing statistics about mobile marketing. it actually covers almost all the subjects and the trends of mobile marketing platform like paid ads, design, social networks and more.

Theme: Vision

Category: technology

Type: 3D


Content marketing

In the area of banner blindness and Adblock, content marketing it’s crucial for your business. in this presentation you will learn the Foundations of content marketing, why content marketing is used ?, user generated content in content marketing plan, examples of content marketing and examples of user generated content.

Theme: Advertise

Category: business

Type: 3D

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