5 Emaze presentation for healthier life

“The groundwork of all happiness is health” (Leigh Hunt). if you want to keep your body healthy and strong, you must follow the health rules. so watch the following presentation and learn how to be healthy.

Living Longer and Healthier in Retirement

when it comes to old people who retired from their job, they must keep their healthy on a daily basis. in this presentation, the author covered any aspect of old people like healthy like eating, habits, exercise, Medical Tests, sleep and more. if some of your relatives, can benefits from this presentation – send him this page !


Love to nap ? good. because this presentation shows interesting information about napping- benefits of napping, types of napping, sleep cycle and facts.


The quality of life

In this presentation you will learn few basic rules for making your life much quality and more happy: what is the quality of life?  basic nutritional guidelines, exercise, improving your self-esteem, avoiding stress and personal hygiene.


American Breakfast is UNHEALTHY !!

Love to eat American Breakfast ? to bad. because this presentation shows you why American Breakfast is so UNHEALTHY – details of American Breakfast ingredients, American Breakfast vs. Burger and why it’s so unhealthy.

Wave after wave of stress

stress is bad for your body. period. in this presentation you will learn: what makes you stress out, stress myths, what is stress,  stress test, stress tips and much more.