5 Emaze presentation on dogs you dont want to miss

who doesn’t like dogs? dog is the most popular pet on the world and that’s why we collected for you the top 5 Emaze presentations on dogs. each presentation talks about a different subject related to dogs.

why are dogs so great ?

if you like dogs – this presentation is for you. at this presentation created the creators show us in a very charming way the 4 reasons we are so like dogs. the presentation created by Aspca – a dog rights organization. in the end of the presentation Aspca call you to adopt a cute dog !

Dogs VS cats

what better, dogs or cats ? in this presentation, You’ll see which one is better. how many dogs and cats in USA ? Dogs and cats: Pros & Cons and more.

template name: health

Top 10 Favorite Dogs

this Emaze presentation list the top 10 favorite dogs. you can find detailed information on each dog type and also pictures as well.

Template name: Academic



In this presentation, you can learn a little bit on the world of police dogs: how the police uses them, commonly used breeds, when they retire, dogs that Injured or dead and more.

Template name: Gallery


Dog Attacks in the Workplace

dogs are not always cute and charming – some of them sometimes could be very dangerous and that’s why it is so important to know what to do in order to avoid dog attacks. in this presentation you will learn Why do dogs attack? Noticing if a dog will attack, Profession prone to dog attacks, How to prevent dog attacks as a Vet, Injury types, Sources and more.

Template name: Academic