7 Reasons to focus on Visual Content



The image has become the currency of the audience engagement on the Internet, especially on social media platforms.

But what are the reasons that make us inevitably draw the image and generate more interactions than any other type of content? To answer this question, the complete collection about collecting different data, computer graphics and reports that demonstrate the significant value and power of the image in the field of communication, marketing, and social media, drawing from all interesting conclusions is needs to be made.

  • We are primarily content visual beings. We are biologically programmed to perceive the world in a visual way. There is more to look back to our ancestors: the first written submissions were based on images. Hence, today, 90% of the information we pass on to our brain is visual.
  • We process images up to 60,000 times faster than text. When we say that the picture is worth a thousand words are not exaggerating. 40% of users react better to a content format image, which to the plain text.
  • We have more ability to retain the visual content than any other form of information. We recall up to 80% of what we see, while only 20% of content that we read, or 10% of what we hear.
  • The online content that includes visual information recorded better results. Such as 84% more visits, 94% more clicks, or 40 times more shares. But his greatest achievement is recorded in the percentage of referential links getting up to a 567% increase. This is one reason that justifies the success of infographics.
  • The 67% of consumers value companies that show your product information in an image, clearly and in detail. When searching for information on the Internet, the positioning works with images. 60% of customers is more willing to contact a company whose images appear in search results locally.
  • Its impact on social networks is also notable. Those tweets that include visual content are capable of generating more interest than text articles and videos.


As recorded by the Social Media Marketing Industry Report, the longer allocate these brands to its strategy in Social Media, more focus on visual social networks. The report states that companies that spend more than 40 hours a week in this medium, They spend a large part of it to Instagram (up 46%), YouTube (38% more) or Pinterest (37%) compared to those who do not invest more than 6 hours per week to develop its strategy in the environment.


For this reason, Twitter recently redesigned its interface, giving greater prominence to the image. A change that preceded and preview images on the tweets. In the case of Facebook, the results are similar. It is observed that the publications include images has average 53% more interactions than the rest. Google+ is not even wanted to keep out of this and has given more space to the image in its publications.


Given the circumstances, it is no wonder Pinterest success from the beginning. Its clear commitment to the image conquered users, especially women, who, four years later, still faithful and active to this their main source of inspiration.


Types of visual content

Photography attractive and creative. Including Instagram.

Video. It can be directly shared on social networks or via YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

The screenshot. It is useful to show your product.

Computer graphics. It contains interesting visual information.

Data visualization. Graphics, pie charts, tables, treat yourself!

The comic. We often do not think about but it is a good way to attract attention.

The meme. Customize a popular meme that joined the context of your post. If you’re wondering what one is an image recovery and declined in bulk online.


The meaning of the colors

When you create visual content, make sure you use the right color in order to transmit the right emotion.

Here are list of main color with the meaning of each one of them:

Yellow : optimism, clarity, warmth.

Use: UPS, National Geographic, The yellow pages …

Orange : friendly, cheerful, confidence. Use: Fanta …

Red : excitement, freshness, boldness. Use: Coca – Cola, Lego, Kellogg’s, Nintendo.

Violet  : Creative, imaginative, clever. Use: Syfy, Yahoo …

Blue : trust, reliability, strength. Use: Dell, Oreo, Facebook, Twitter …

Green: peace, growth, health. Use: Spotify, Starbucks Coffee …

Gray  : balance, neutral, calm. Use: Nike, Apple …



Emaze- What tool to use for creating visual content

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